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Pre-School Children (0 to 5 years)

Full Day (7am to 7pm) £6.00p/h

School-Aged Children (up to 12years)
  • Before School minimum 2 hours £6.00p/h
  • After School minimum 3 hours £6.00p/h
  • Before and After School (5 full days) £22
School Holidays / In-service Days
  • Full Day 8am to 6pm £7.00p/h
  • Half Day (8am to 1pm / 1pm to 6pm) £7.00p/h
  • Full Holiday Week (5 Full Days) £6.50p/h
  • Full Time Place (5 Full Days) £55
  • Full Time School Aged Place
    (5 days before & after school) £145
  • 5% Discount for siblings
    (taken off total weekly bill)
Care out with Care Hours

(before 7am and after 7.00pm)

For half hour £6

Our charges include meals, admissions to toddler or play groups and to cover the cost of the resources for our daily activities. If we are planning a large outing, for example a trip to the zoo or theatre, we will inform you of the extra charge due to admission/tickets etc. All trips will be planned at least 1 month in advance and discussed with you beforehand.